• Crush Calories with a Tiny Bottle

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Simple, Safe and Effective

Find yourself reaching for those french fries, chocolates, cake or ice cream? Simply spray Slimtonics™ onto your tongue and relax.

Slimtonics' unique formula contains all-natural ingredients proven to stop cravings, leaving you with a fresh minty taste and peace of mind knowing that you're in control of your appetite.

The Substitute for Snacking

"I have a major issue when it comes to chocolate and sweets in general... A friend suggested Slimtonics and now it's a staple in my purse"

Jennifer, New York

The Craving Cruncher

"I stopped eating midnight sandwiches."

Nick, Pennsylvania

The Hero of Hunger

"I used to hit the buffet with my husband after golfing... Now we keep a bottle of Slimtonics in our golf bags and the binge eating has stopped." 

Karen, Florida

Get slim, one snack at a time...

At Slimtonics™ we know what it's like to struggle with your weight, and unhealthy food choices are at the heart of this issue. For years we struggled through fad diets and workouts to get back into shape, and it was anything but easy or safe. That's why we spent the last decade developing an all-natural, easy-to-use product that could help us control our appetite, for real.